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Why are Engagement Sessions so Important?

Why are Engagement Sessions so important?

Through the years I have worked with many amazing couples to capture their wedding day! I have found one very important part of making our time together successful is by having an engagement session. It is important for me, as your wedding photographer, to get to know each couple, help them feel comfortable in front of the camera and personally with me. It is also crucial for gaining trust in me as your photographer.   Here are some more reasons why I believe an engagement session is so important.

As your wedding photographer, I want to ensure you feel comfortable in front of the camera. When you are trying to portray love, passion, happiness and so many other beautiful emotions, you need practice. Practice for the big day and practice to feel good with posing and letting go! When you feel comfortable in front of the camera your photographs look and feel more natural. I can even capture your silly personality or playful ways with your future spouse.  Not everyone knows how to pose and be relaxed in front of a camera. Lets face it we are not professional models lol.  By having your engagement session it helps to practice for the big day and allows you to have some fun!

Another valuable reason to have an engagement session is to get to know my style of shooting. Every photographer has their own way of posing and taking pictures.  We all have our own styles and this is the best way to get familiar with that style. You will be prepared for the day of the wedding and know exactly what to expect from each other.  I have little signs I give my couples during the wedding day to let them know I want them to do something. For example, when I want them to kiss I point to my mouth and pucker up! This is my way of letting them know without screaming, KISS!  Having the engagement session ensures they know what I would expect from them and vice versa.

Having your engagement session also gives you time to spend quality time together and step aside from all the wedding planning. Sometimes the planning gets so crazy you forget the reason why you are even planning…it’s to celebrate your LOVE!  I personally take this opportunity to get to know your love story a little more. Get a sense of your chemistry and it helps me understand your relationship.  It is the time where we get to bond and build a friendship. Not just as a client and photographer working together. I really keep all my couples close to my heart.

At the end of the day, my goal is to have my photographs tell your love story as best I can.  Engagement sessions are so important to me that I include them, complimentary in all of my wedding collections.  I hope this helps any couple out there contemplating whether to have one or not.  Not only are you missing a special milestone for you and your future spouse but you are missing out on time with getting to know your wedding photographer!

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