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I love creating beautiful memories for my clients! But something I am also very passionate about is helping others. It makes my soul happy! When I started this business a few years back I was lost. If it wasn't for my strong business mindset I don't think I would have survived as long as I have, let alone build a brand I love! I have managed million dollar budgets for associations and I've helped run a family business at the age of 23!

My mentoring program is designed to help you with the fundamental elements of what you need to start your photography business or even if you are thinking of re-branding. Running a successful business is no walk in the park. But by having the necessary tools and guidance you can turn your business around and make it profitable. Oh and we will have FUN the whole time!!

The mentorship will be broken down into two days and will have a six month and one year follow up.  This is will help keep you accountable through the process and you will have a cheerleader along the way!

We will discuss your goals and really dig deep into the direction you want your business to go! I want to connect with YOU and learn about YOUR goals! What do you need help with? This program might just be the perfect investment to kick off your dream business!

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