WPPI 2017 | My First Experience


February 11, 2017

Throughout my trip I documented my thoughts and “a-ha” moments in my notes on my phone. This way I wouldn’t forget key moments that made the flame inside me light up again. This was the inspiration I needed to keep going.  I wanted to share my experience with you all and just maybe inspire one person to keep going. The best part, I shared it with two amazing friends that are also photographers and share the same passion I do!

As I walked through the terminal and sat in my seat on the plane I had so many emotions. My mind started to run wild with thoughts. How crazy is this? A girl who had watched so many photographers go to WPPI and now here I am taking a trip to Las Vegas for WPPI in 2017! In case you’re not familiar with the term WPPI it means Wedding & Portrait Photography Conference & Expo!

While I was there I cleared all the noise that had been telling me I’m not good enough. This industry (like others) can make you feel like your work and your vision is not what it should be. I’ve learned that in life you shouldn’t compare your situations to others and the same goes with photography. We all started somewhere, the beginning. No matter where you are in your business or life, comparison is a killer of dreams.

This trip was a humbling experience and I realized on my first day, I am an artist! I create art. We do not have to give ourselves “rules” of what we should do when it comes to our work. I learned something very valuable while at WPPI. I simply create what I FEEL is right. That is MY WORK, MY ART and I want to provide my clients with beautiful ART! Being here has answered so many questions for me that I’ve been dwelling on. It gave me a better vision of what I want to do. What we do is special and timeless! I am a storyteller.

We attended classes that we felt would help our business and give us knowledge on what we felt were our weaknesses. These amazing photographers are known all around the photography world . We had the pleasure of taking classes with Joel Grimes , Jeff & Julia Woods, Andrew Funderburg & Mike Allebach, Sue Bryce (I felt like she was talking to my soul), Melissa Jill, Jennifer Rozengaum, Ma Ra Koh (From the Disney channel). Oh and we met/chatted with Kelly Brown!!! She is a Newborn Photographer guru and we were literally starstruck! Each of them gave me inspiration and advice that I will forever cherish.

After each class we hit the Expo. Oh my lord was this the best feeling. I felt like a kid in a candy store and wanted to buy everything!  I was able to see the latest products and speak to vendors.  Ask questions I’ve had for a long time and it felt great.  I ended up with a few purchases but man I will be dreaming of the things I wanted…soon!

To take a break and breather from the overwhelming and excitement of WPPI we headed to the Las Vegas strip and did a little sight seeing.  We shopped, walked around the different hotels, had lunch  and even watched David Copperfield. But the entire time I had one thought in my head. Work! I was dying to get home and implement what I had already learned and it was only day two. I wanted to get to work and make all the changes and growth decisions I need to do to continue a successful photography business.

I really, really needed this! I am so happy I made this happen and with great company. I will forever remember this trip and what it did for me personally and professionally. I want you, if you’re reading this, to know all of your fears and set backs are just emotions.  Push through the noise and the emotions and find a way to make your dreams and goals come true. Find inspiration from others you look up to.  Remove anyone who is bringing you down, taking your energy and not being an encourager.

One thought I had that scares me during this whole experience is, what if one day I’m on the WPPI stage telling my story? What if? What’s the point of setting goals if they don’t scare you? 😉

  1. Robert Garay says:

    Beautiful Babe! Keep writing your story. I love you!!!

  2. Yessy says:

    Congrats, Liz! Keep up the awesome work.

  3. Juladie Ibañez says:

    Good for you love.. can’t wait till I make it out there.. your explanation of the whole experience just made me want to go even more. Keep up the great work! Toot toot!

  4. TG says:

    ????!!!!!!!!! I love this! #Keepwalking

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