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4 Benefits of Having a Studio Maternity Session

As an expecting mother, you have so many decisions on your plate right now. Here at Elizabeth Garay Photography, we make your maternity session experience as easy as possible with minimal decision making for our expecting moms. We have a beautiful, private studio that makes it the perfect choice for your maternity session-especially during Miami’s hot and humid summers. Check out our reasons why we think a studio maternity session is THE best option for our wonderful moms and moms-to-be.

No weather worries

This is an easy one. We’re in Miami, which means it is hot, humid, and sticky outside. This leads to sweating, running make-up, and finicky hair. In the studio, you have access to air conditioning, bottled water, and time to sit down and rest if you need it-without dripping sweat. Not to mention we won’t have to reschedule due to the ever-changing weather. Your session is definitely not getting rained out! Which is a huge benefit with our daily showers and storms.

studio maternity session

Client Wardrobe

You will have access to beautiful maternity gowns that fit every shape and size. These gowns are made to accentuate your beautiful bump and make you feel like the goddess you are. Coming to the studio you’ll have the chance to select from the rack, try it on, and be ready to rock your session.

Controlled lighting

When you have a session on location lighting can always be a little tricky. Whether it’s too bright or too overcast, there are always adjustments that need to be made. In the studio, I am able to control the lighting in order to create the perfect scene for your session. Plus-you won’t be squinting because the sun is in your eyes!

studio maternity session


My studio is private and no one can come in unless I let them. This allows you to get really comfortable in front of the camera without spectators. Each pregnancy is unique and only happening once-capturing your body at this moment in your life is so important. In the studio, you’ll have the opportunity to bare as much or as little as you would like.

If you would like more information on how to book your maternity session with Elizabeth please contact her here.

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