mentoring & Branding for creatives

Being able to stay consistent with your brand and finding your niche can be a little overwhelming. 
Whether you're starting a new photography business or re-branding, this may be a fit for you!
After being in business for a few years now, I know first hand how important it is to have a brand
that reflects who you are as a creative business owner.  You want to create a brand that leaves your clients with a meaningful experience. Your brand should attract your ideal client.  Have ideas but don't know how to bring it all together? I'm your girl!

Branding is more than a good logo. It's the emotional connection you make with your clients!



1-1 Mentoring


 2 Day Mentoring Session

Day One | Business Strategy
- Discuss your business goals and how to achieve them
- Learn to manage your bookings, payments, contracts etc.
- Structure your pricing to take your business to the next level
- Insurance and Tax information
and more....

Day Two | Technical / Shooting
- Learn camera settings to get your desired look
- One hour session with model
- Editing techniques & how to batch your work
and more...

Learn more!

Learn more!

What's Included

- Branding Consultation to understand your needs
- Define your brand, create logo, color palettes etc.
- Showit Website Design & Blog Set up
- Custom Link for Instagram
- Social Media Content
- Email Signature Design
- Head Shots to represent your brand
- Ensure your content represents your niche
and more...


For a long time I admired the photography profession and often dreamed of being able to do it myself. I never thought in a million years that it would become a reality.  That's until I saw Liz was offering mentoring.  She was my family photographer and I loved her work.  Who better to learn from?!  Our 1-1 Mentorship was life changing. She has a heart of gold and is truly passionate about helping others succeed.  Before I started the mentorship I didn't even own a camera!  Now I have a business and I'm booking clients! I truly owe it all to my time with Liz.

Christina Miles Photography



I'm so happy you are interested in my 1-1 Mentorship!
The two day mentorship is designed to dive into your photography business.
For full details and pricing please fill out the registration form and let's get started!
 Can't wait to chat and hear all about your business!