My 5 Go-To Mobile Apps

For Photographers

Their are times when I post a photo collage or use a different template for marketing that I get asked, what app did I use? So today, I want to share my favorite 5 Go-To Mobile Apps. These apps help me run my business on the GO!

  1. Instagram – This is a no brainer if you are a business owner, blogger or influencer. Instagram has taken over the world when it comes to sharing your work, life or anything for that matter! Instagram is 80% of where I get my inquiries from and the #1 place to show case my work on a social platform. If you are a business owner and you are not using Instagram, you are loosing money! I encourage you to take the time to understand Instagram and how it works. Even with the algorithm changes, Instagram is a very powerful tool for business!
  2. Planoly – This app has saved me so much TIME! I am a business owner but I’m also a wife, mom and I have a life (I try too lol) and I don’t always have time to post. I don’t always have work to post or a cute photo of Leah, Ha! But I must stay engage with my followers and I must show up everyday. With Planoly, I am able to upload an entire week of planned out photos for Instagram. I am able to see how my feed will look and if it fits my brand. It even has reminders to help you stay on track. How cool is that?!
  3. Unfold – This has been one of my favorite apps for Instagram Stories! This is the app I get asked the most about. With Unfold I am able to upload a photo to my IG Story and not have it cut off or have it ruined with wording on it when I want to give a description. I can simply upload the image to a layout and write a caption with pretty fonts! It’s fully customizable.
  4. Lightroom Mobile – This is my fav editing app and I’ve finally mastered it! It took me some time to understand how it works and how to add my EGP presets to it but I am now able to edit on the road. I can easily upload a photo from my camera into my phone, edit quickly and share it! You do need a creative cloud account to use but no worries my next favorite app is free!
  5. Snapseed – When I want a quick edit of my photos this is my second favorite editing app! It’s a great alternative if you cannot purchase Lightroom Mobile. You are able to save your settings and make a template. With having a template you can make sure all your photos are consistent and look the same! Snapseed also has the ability to edit one side of a photo with a brush tool. It has many editing tools that can really change your photos.

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