How to Prepare for Your Maternity Photo Shoot


Congratulations on your pregnancy! Capturing this special time with a maternity photo shoot is a wonderful way to celebrate your journey into motherhood. To help you feel relaxed, confident, and beautiful, I’ve put together a guide with some details and things to think about when preparing for your maternity photo shoot.

When to schedule your session

Scheduling your session at the right time is an important part of making sure your photographs are exactly how you envisioned them. After your first trimester, it is time to book and schedule your maternity session. The best time to photograph your growing belly is between 26-34 weeks.

Every woman is different, therefore, every belly is different. If you would like your belly to appear smaller, than 26-30 weeks would be ideal. If you would like your belly to appear larger, 30-34 weeks would be the best time to schedule your session. There is no right or wrong time, it is simply up to you and how you would like to look! Keep in mind though as your belly grows so does the swelling!

Decide on the Style you would like

When it comes to your maternity session there are so many styles and options! If you would like a classic, traditional, and clean style for your session we can certainly achieve that. If you would like a little more glam, bling, color, and creative sets it can be done as well!

Having a style or an idea of what you would like your session to be helps me guide you and make your experience unique and tailored to you. I love getting inspiration from my clients but it’s also important to know I will bring my own style and art into the shoot.

A week before the session, we will have a styling call where we have the opportunity to meet (if we haven’t done so already) and discuss your vision for the session. During the styling call we go over all the ideas and finalize all the details of the session. This process has helped me ensure you have a great experience, stress free the day of the shoot.

Beauty Essentials: Hair and Nails

Now that your session is scheduled and we’ve had our styling call, it is time for you to prepare your beauty essentials. When getting your nails done make sure you go with colors that are neutral and appealing to the eye. Colors that will not clash or stand out with your wardrobe. It will be a bit of eye sore in your images. It can not be “edited out” or “fixed” in photoshop!

As for your hair, the day before the session wash and blow dry it. This will help our hair and makeup artist style your hair and make it look healthy and beautiful. Your hair and makeup help bring the whole look together. We do make hairstyle changes with every wardrobe change so this ensures it looks clean and full on the day of the shoot.

What to Bring to Your Session

After our styling call you will receive an email with all the details we discussed including time of the shoot, reminders of what to bring and studio information. In my studio I do have certain items like strapless bras and comfy sandals but nude and black seamless thong undergarments are always needed throughout the shoot. These are great for implied nudes and to have under fabrics.

We do provide wardrobe and silk fabrics for our clients but not to partners or children. If your session includes family portraits, it is the clients responsibility to bring wardrobe options for their family to match the wardrobe style they chose for their session.

Any shoes or accessories you would like to bring are more than welcomed. In the studio we do have a selections of jewelry options but if their is a special or meaningful piece of jewelry you would like to bring go ahead and bring it. Black and Nude heels are always a great pair of shoes to bring. Most of the photographs are taken barefoot but if you want to glam it up go ahead and bring those red bottoms!

Rest and Don’t Stress

A calm and relaxed mindset will reflect in your photos. A good night’s sleep is essential for looking and feeling your best. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Avoid salty or sugary foods that can cause bloating or breakouts.

Preparing for your maternity photo shoot should be a joyful experience, allowing you to focus on the excitement of welcoming your little one. By following these tips, you’ll not only look and feel your best but also ensure a smooth and enjoyable photo session. I will do the rest to make sure your experience is one you’ll always remember! The goal is to capture the beauty and magic of this special time in your life. Relax, smile, and let your glow shine through!

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