Mommy New Year 2019

For Photographers

Being part of something special that helps empower women to reach their full potential and fulfill their dreams is something I’ve always wanted to do. From the moment Marylin and I connected, we instantly learned how both of our business visions and goals were aligned. Our relationship has so many levels to it and I treasure her so much. From being mothers, wives, business owners and a desire to empower other creatives, it is something that makes our friendship special.

When she first brought up the idea of having a “Mommy New Year”, it was just that…an idea! But we knew this would be something special and the start of a community we both have been wanting to build. So with just three weeks and the help of our friend Gina who is a business genius, we all came up with the foundation of this event! We wanted to celebrate the kids going back to school, surviving summer and getting back on track with our business goals to end the year strong!

To say we are overwhelmed with the response and feedback is an understatement. We had all different types of boss babes who are photographers, florists, make up artists, realtors, shirt designers, nurses, travel agents, and so much more! It was such a diverse group and we loved it! Everyone mingled, connected and the best part, we were able to come face to face away from the Gram and have meaningful conversations in person. It was truly more than we could have ever imagined.

Marylin provided the first 20 ladies with a free box with goodies, we had some yummy pastries from Vicky Bakery brought by one of our boss momma’s May and of course champagne! We can’t forget the bubbly lol!

Thank you to all the incredible boss momma’s who showed up! We cannot wait for the next event. We are already planning on how to make the next one even more effective and inspirational!!! To stay connected and learn about our next event, subscribe to our email list. And to those amazing ladies who aren’t a mommy yet, we still would love to have you be a part of our community!!!

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