What is the Branding Collective Membership?

Before I get into the details, I want to first say Thank You for taking the time to read this blog post! It has been quite a long time since I blogged. But I thought why not introduce the membership in a way I can explain the benefits and what it is! One thing I’ve […]


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Bella’s Quince Session

Bella’s Quince Session was one for the books! It was a two-day production and a lot of planning to make sure the days run smoothly! A week before each of my quince sessions I set up a call to finalize all the details of the session and ensure we are all on the same page. […]


Jennifer’s Quince Session

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a blog post! I really enjoy writing and sharing more than just a few images on social media with you all so I decided it’s time to get back to blogging. For me, blogging is a way to share more of each session and style. So today, I […]


Our Family Session

It has been a tradition to take family photos every year around Leah’s birthday. But the last two and half years we haven’t and it’s been tugging at my momtographer heart! Leah’s birthday session is always a full-on production and something I love to do! She’s growing so fast and I want to make sure […]


Quarantined and Closed for Business but Still Hopeful!

What has transpired throughout the country is something that will be read about in history. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think we would have to deal with anything like this. Being quarantine for almost 40 days due to COVID19 has not been easy on many families and small business owners. It has […]

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Why I’ve decided to stop shooting weddings

For the past few months, my heart has been pulling me through a roller coaster of emotions. Everything I’ve worked hard for has made this decision very difficult but it is one I feel is the best direction for my business. If you would have asked me in the past why I started my photography […]


Mommy New Year 2019

Being part of something special that helps empower women to reach their full potential and fulfill their dreams is something I’ve always wanted to do. From the moment Marylin and I connected, we instantly learned how both of our business visions and goals were aligned. Our relationship has so many levels to it and I […]

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My 5 Go-To Mobile Apps

Their are times when I post a photo collage or use a different template for marketing that I get asked, what app did I use? So today, I want to share my favorite 5 Go-To Mobile Apps. These apps help me run my business on the GO! Instagram – This is a no brainer if […]

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What are my preferred Lenses?

I get asked this question a lot so I thought why not share which lenses are the ones I go to and just can’t live without. Now, keep in mind every photographers editing, lighting is different so their are a lot of other factors to consider when looking for answers on how a photographer accomplished […]

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3 Tips for Shooting Outdoors in Natural Light

For a long time I’ve wanted to share tips, tricks and how I started my business with those who may need a little guidance! I know first hand how it feels to have no one around to help answer questions or give tips. I wish social media was as big as it is now and […]

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